Some things about me

I was never someone who liked to wait for opportunities before taking matters into my own hands. If I don’t like what’s happening, then it must be because the opportunity is not available yet, and if that means creating a new one myself, so be it!

This approach has worked out great in many aspects of life, such as making music and filling auditoriums or starting up an independent career in marketing and helping different types of businesses around the world.

My desire to learn how to turn my music into a career led me down to a slightly different path. I started with one simple idea, but it quickly turned into something else. It led me towards being an entrepreneur.

I love having the flexibility and freedom to work from home (from anywhere, actually). I can get dressed in my comfy clothes, take care of business while spending time with family or friends. It also leverages skills that are perfect for me, such as:

Doing keyword research and following SEO guidelines

Uploading content to CMS like WordPress

Identifying people’s needs/interests to recommend topics

Analyzing content marketing strategies

Working remotely, but also as a team player

Operating at the intersection of creativity and web analytics

Managing multiple projects simultaneously

As a life-long learner and certified professional by Google and HubSpot, I enjoy sharing stuff. This allows me to learn as much about something new before passing it on with my knowledge and experience. My Google searching skills and meticulous attention to detail are just the beginning. I love diving head-first into projects, making discoveries, and wrapping my brain around challenging concepts. Turning a brief into informative, engaging, and easy-to-understand content? It’s what I do.

Get your content marketing done

Whether it’s SEO or digital content for your business, my goal is always the same – to produce high-quality work that will make an impact on your bottom line.